Exilis Ultra
How it works

As we age we lose collagen from our skin, which leads to reduced elasticity. The effects of gravity can also cause sagging of the skin, especially around the throat and neck area.

The Exilis Ultra™ treatment stimulates and strengthens collagen within the skin tissue tightening loose skin. Proven by science, tested and confirmed by the best clinical experts, this revolutionary procedure can produce amazing results.*

We are a specialist Exilis Ultra™ Medispa and we would be delighted to tell you more about what the treatment could achieve for you. Call today on 020 8892 7999 to book your consultation or click here for more information.

*Disclaimer: patient results and treatment experiences may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.

I am truly amazed at the results of my four treatments, I really didn’t think the contouring of my chin and jaw area was achievable without surgery.  I would recommend Exilis Ultra to anyone who is thinking about it. Thomas

Exilis Ultra
Neck & Jowl Contour

We suggested our Exilis Ultra™ treatment to one of our mature clients, Thomas, as he was concerned about ageing in the neck and jowl area and included some sagging and loss of elasticity to the skin.

In order to achieve the desired results we recommended a course of four Exilis Ultra™ treatments. The result – the whole treated area was firmer and lifted, resulting in a much more youthful appearance. Thomas was delighted with the results.

So many people associate this type of non-invasive, non-surgical procedure as a treatment for women however, these problem areas are often a concern for men too. We are delighted to offer the Exilis Ultra™ treatment to our male clients to help them achieve their goals and restore their youthful look.