Facial Hair Removal

30 year-old Indie, had been troubled with superfluous hair ever since she was a teenager. She had begun regularly waxing or shaving her legs and underarms, but the hair growth on her torso and arms was causing her to be bullied and her confidence plummeted.

During her visit to True Medispa we told her about the safe and effective benefits of IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser hair removal. Following a full consultation and patch test, Indie felt comfortable with the information we provided, our competitive prices and expertise and decided to go ahead with several IPL courses on different areas of her body.

Indie was thrilled with the IPL hair removal treatment. “The results were amazing,” says Indie. “The hair grew back thinner and thinner each time and eventually it came to the point where I had totally hair-free areas and very slow growth.”

Alkaline Wash

As any hair that grew back was very fine, we then suggested that Indie should try the DMK Alkaline Wash treatment.

DMK Alkaline Wash is the best way to remove fine, downy hair This type of hair is difficult to remove using Electrolysis, laser, or IPL Hair Removal, so The Danné Montague King Alkaline Wash system is a fantastic alternative treatment.

Unlike many other hair removal systems, DMK Alkaline Wash can remove large areas of hair in one treatment with absolutely no discomfort. Immediately after treatment, you are simply left with smooth, hair-free skin. Indie has now just completed one face and two front torso sessions and is delighted with the results.