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Exilis Ultra™ body contouring, tightening and rejuvenation

Do some areas of your body let you down? Sagging stomach, cellulite thighs or crêpy neck for example – and don’t you wish you could put the clock back to a firmer, suppler, leaner look? Now, with revolutionary Exilis Ultra™ you can. This award-winning treatment is the new generation of non-surgical body enhancement. It works […]

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Exilis Ultra™ facial rejuvenation, contouring and firming

Until now, facial rejuvenation has often involved needles or an invasive technique but with new Exilis Ultra™ technology there is a completely new and exciting alternative. Exilis Ultra™ is completely contactless, non-invasive and targeted, working on those areas of your face that show signs of ageing with a combination of technologies – ultrasound and radio […]

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