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Bounce back from lockdown with smoother, more radiant skin with Skinbetter

Wrinkles. Crows feet. Frown lines. All those unwanted creases in your skin are caused by stress, dryness, environmental damage and ageing. Thankfully the appearance of any facial lines and wrinkles can be improved and diminished with powerful products. One of the most impressive is Skinbetter Interfuse Intensive Treatment LINES, which smoothes and plumps the skin […]

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Which is the best hyperpigmentation product to improve your skin?

Do you have blotches, scarring or sun spots on your face? You’re not alone. Hyperpigmentation is a common skin concern. It’s caused by an overproduction of melanin forming deposits on the skin, which leads to dark and discoloured patches. Hyperpigmentation can be notoriously difficult to correct, but there is one powerhouse serum which is seriously […]

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Exilis Ultra™ facial rejuvenation, contouring and firming

Until now, facial rejuvenation has often involved needles or an invasive technique but with new Exilis Ultra™ technology there is a completely new and exciting alternative. Exilis Ultra™ is completely contactless, non-invasive and targeted, working on those areas of your face that show signs of ageing with a combination of technologies – ultrasound and radio […]

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