anti-ageing facial

Reverse the signs of ageing without surgery, through this incredible treatment. The deluxe A-Lift anti-ageing facial that recharges your skin cell batteries! It helps your skin to renew quicker leaving you with younger looking skin and tightening the muscles around your face, eyes, neck and jaw. We can also personalise the treatment to address different skin problems such as: dark circles, dryness and sun damage.

Who does the A-lift benefit?

    • Clients over 25 (when the cell batteries don’t charge as well as they used to.)
    • Clients who want to maintain a healthy complexion and look more youthful
    • Clients who want a quick fix before a special occasion
    • Clients in early 20s wanting to maintain a youthful look.

For the best results we recommend a course of 10 treatments over 1 month, then following a course we suggest you top up with one treatment a month. In just one treatment you will notice a difference in your skin texture, muscle tone, deep lines and fine wrinkles.

A-LiftTreatment Price
Full Face 60 mins£85
Eyes only 30 mins£55

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