Thick, dark hair growth eliminated with IPL laser hair removal

before IPL laser hair removal

Before IPL laser hair removal

When a young client, Vicki B, came into True Medispa for a waxing treatment we suggested that next time, she considered the alternative of IPL laser hair removal. Her hair growth was very thick and dark and, like many women, she found this made waxing uncomfortable, even to the extent of sometimes having to use medicated cream on the area afterwards due to her ingrown hairs. And as she remarked, shaving was a ‘pointless exercise’ as the hair grew back in a day or so. This combination of dark hair colour and heavy growth made Vicki an ideal candidate for IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser hair removal treatment.

True Medispa is a specialist Zeolight™ IPL hair removal salon so we were able to give Vicki expert advice on what IPL could do and how it works. We discussed the treatment with her and agreed to start with her bikini area and underarms. We carried out a patch test (usually £25 but free at True Beauty Salon), which showed her skin was suitable for IPL treatment and then booked her in for an initial course of sessions.

After 3 IPL sessions, Vicki started to see results. After two or three more sessions, she went on a 10 day holiday and reported that she didn’t have to shave once.

After IPL laser hair removal

After IPL laser hair removal

Now that her course of IPL treatment is finished, she reports “The results have been amazing, my bikini and underarms are now pretty much hair free”.

Vicki is so delighted with her IPL treatment that she is now considering having her legs treated too.

Could IPL laser hair removal be a better way to treat your unwanted body or facial hair? True Medispa offers professional Zeolight™ IPL laser hair removal in a tranquil and relaxing setting in the heart of Twickenham. All our IPL therapists are fully trained, friendly and will discuss what you would like from your laser treatment before recommending the course that will work best for you. For more information about our complete range of IPL treatments, including treatments for prematurely aged or discoloured skin, call us on 020 8892 7999.


“The results have been amazing, my bikini line and underarms are now pretty much hair free, aside from the odd stubborn hairs! I started to see results after about 2-3 sessions but I’m now at a point where I am not worried about shaving or sprouting underarms. Gone are the days of smearing sudocrem on my armpits to soothe the nasty shaving rash!”  Vicki B, Richmond