Questions and Answers

How long do I leave before putting on makeup after a spray tan?

It takes six hours for your tan to take effect, so once the tan has developed and you have washed the colour off, you can apply your makeup.

How old do I have to be to have IPL laser hair removal?

The law says you have to be 18 years of age to have this treatment.

‘How long does hair need to be prior to waxing?

Approximately 1cm.

What should I wear for my treatment?

If you are booked for a Spray Tan it’s advisable to wear dark-coloured, loose clothing and bring flip-flops. Otherwise, loose comfortable clothing is recommended but nothing special is required.

What about product allergies?

We select our treatment products carefully. However if you know you have a problem with a particular product or ingredient, simply let your beautician know when you attend for your treatment and they will discuss alternatives.

Will I need a patch test before my treatment?

Yes, you need a patch test 24 hours before your first eyelash tint and before any Laser or Electrolysis treatment you will need to have a patch test 24 hours before treatment and a consultation.

I’m pregnant – are there any treatments I shouldn’t have?

All electrical treatments and IPL should not be undertaken if you are pregnant. Certain types of aromatherapy oils are also not recommended and, if you are pregnant, we will offer you an alternative.

What if I can’t have, or don’t require one of the ‘package’ treatments?

Simply let us know in advance and we will do our best to substitute an alternative.

Can I buy a treatment for a friend?

Yes. True Medispa Gift Vouchers are available in the salon, by phone or post and make the ideal gift for someone special. Contact us for more information.

Can I buy the products you use in the salon?

Yes, all the products we use in the salon can be purchased – simply ask your beautician or Reception. We also have a great selection of delightful gift bags and boxes so they’re ready to give.

Do you take group bookings?

Yes, these are popular and we are happy to organize them. Subject to availability and depending on the size of group we can also book the whole salon for your exclusive use. Contact us for more information.