DMK Enzyme Facial at True Medispa in Twickenham

DMK Enzyme Facial

The DMK Enzyme Facial is an oxygen therapy treatment which treats acne, pigmentation and ageing, with prescriptive products to use at home. Imagine no needles, no trauma, no downtime and treatments that are tailored to your skin type! 

It improves your skin so it looks younger, functions effectively, and is healthier. It makes changes to your skin on a cellular level to reverse your skin back to its genetic potential, encouraging blood circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage.

Please note: A consultation and patch test MUST be completed prior to treatment. A consultation costs £30 which is redeemable against the treatment price.

What To Expect From DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK’s signature enzyme facial creates a process called ‘reverse osmosis’, which flushes out toxins from the skin, encouraging blood circulation and bringing fresh oxygen to the area to create beautiful, radiant and healthy skin.

Your DMK enzyme mask will be applied and left on your skin for up to 45 minutes. The mask will tighten as it dries and you will experience a pulsating sensation under your skin. This is perfectly normal and is your capillaries dilating to bring nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells. This oxygen therapy treatment produces incredible results including:

  • tighter, more toned skin
  • less pigmentation
  • improvements in acne, rosacea & scarring
  • fewer lines and wrinkles
  • more hydrated skin
  • continuing improvements with each treatment.

DMK Enzyme Facial - At A Glance

Treatment Time

The DMK Enzyme Facial takes approximately 45-60 minutes. 


1 treatment - £180.

Get a free treatment when you purchase a cost-effective package of 5!

Recovery Time

The area treatment may appear red and you will see your blood vessels closer to the surface of your skin.  This means that your capillaries have been flushed of toxins and the blood has been loaded up with fresh oxygen and nutrients to deliver to your skin cells. These highlighted blood vessels should disappear within 20 minutes. 


This treatment encourages the revision and rebuilding of new more optimally functioning cells for healthier younger-looking skin. We recommend you use the DMK Home Prescriptive products to enhance, protect and maintain your improved skin results. 


If possible, avoid wearing makeup 48 hours before your treatment, stay out of the sun and avoid tanning beds 24 hours prior to your treatment. Make sure you do not have any open wounds or sunburn.

Duration of Results

Your skin will have a beautiful glow, silky texture, and plump appearance that lasts, on average, one week after treatment. With consistent treatments and the use of your DMK Home Prescriptive products, the longevity of your results will increase dramatically.

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