advanced electrolysis skin tag removal at True Medispa in Twickenham

Advanced Electrolysis 

Say goodbye to unwanted blemishes on your face, neck, and body with our advanced electrolysis treatment. 

An effective treatment for the removal of thread veins, skin tags, milia, spider naevi, and blood spots, advanced electrolysis is virtually pain-free and incredibly quick, with most people seeing visible improvements within 2-3 weeks.

Please call True Medispa on 020 8892 7999 for a consultation so we can assess the area and discuss treatment options to give you the best results possible.  A consultation costs £30 which is redeemable against the treatment price.



What To Expect From Advanced Electrolysis

Fast and effective treatment of red veins and spider naevi, skin tags, milia, blood spots.  Virtually pain-free and no down-time. Results are permanent and usually seen within 2-3 weeks.

  • Thread veins - reduce the appearance of small blood vessels or broken capillaries caused by UV damage, aging, and extreme weather exposure
  • Skin tags - effectively remove benign growths of skin common on the neck, underarm, groin and under breast
  • Milia - say farewell to small, white hard-keratin bumps on the skin with precise electrolysis
  • Spider naevi - address these small, visible blood vessels near the surface of the skin
  • Blood spots - minimise the appearance of these tiny, red dots on your skin.

Advanced Electrolysis - At A Glance

A fine needle will be inserted into the area to be treated which sends a small burst of electrical energy to cauterise and coagulate the problem area.  Over the next few days, the area crusts over and the blemish will disappear or, in the case of skin tags and milia, fall off.     

The treated area will then heal naturally to leave you with smoother, clearer skin.


Treatment Time

Treatments can take as little as 5 minutes or much longer, depending on how many areas you are having treated. 


Thread Veins/Spider Naevus/Blood Spots/Milia/Skin Tags (15 mins) - £75

Thread Veins/Spider Naevus/Blood Spots/Milia/Skin Tags (30 mins) - £120


Recovery Time

Advanced electrolysis has no downtime. Depending on the blemish type, you should see major improvements within 2-3 weeks.


For a few days after treatment, take care not to knock or pull on the treated area. Wear sunblock on the treated area to avoid pigmentation.


Please come to the appointment with clean, make-up free skin.

Duration of Results

The results are permanent. 

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