Profhilo at True Medispa in Twickenham

Profhilo® Skin Boosters

Rejuvenate, hydrate and promote collagen production with a Profhilo® skin boosting treatment at True Medispa in Twickenham. Profhilo delivers dramatic improvement in skin quality, even in challenging areas such as crepey necks, giving your skin a radiant and healthy glow.

It nourishes the skin by restoring hydration and skin firmness and promoting collagen production. Your skin will have a healthy-looking, dewy glow and appear less lined, with results that usually last up to 6 months. 

​We offer four skin boosters - Poly, Ellané, Redensity 1 and Profhilo - which contain moisture-surging properties and hyaluronic acid to give your skin a plump, smooth, and radiant appearance.  ​Various body parts are treated including: hands, arms, neck, and décolleté.  

What To Expect From Profhilo

We will precisely inject a stabilised hyaluronic acid into the area being treated. This stimulates the skin's natural production of collagen and elastin, attracting moisture into the deeper layers of the skin. The result is significant improvements to the skin tone, texture, hydration and radiance.

  • Rehydrate the skin
  • Tighten and lift your face
  • Improve appearance of crepey skin
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Increase skin firmness and elasticity
  • Promote a radiant, more youthful glow

Profhilo Treatment - At A Glance

Dr-Elly-AmirYour appointment will be with our Medical Director Dr Elly Amir who is a qualified dental surgeon and facial aesthetics specialist.  

During your consultation, Dr Amir will listen to your concerns, discuss treatment options, and take a full medical history. 

Once you decide to go ahead, Dr Elly will use a tiny needle to skillfully inject the skin booster into 5 injection points (BAP, Bio Aesthetics Points) on either side of the face. This restores hydration and stimulates your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, with results being revealed within 1 month and continuing for up to 6 months.

You may experience some temporary swelling and bruising immediately after this treatment.


Treatment Time

Profhilo is injected just below the skin's surface over 1-3 sessions which are usually held 4 weeks apart. Allow at least 30 minutes for your appointment although this may be longer, depending on the area being treated.


£300 per session.  Most clients require 1-3 sessions.

Recovery Time

You may notice some temporary swelling and bruising at the injection sites.


Avoid alcohol and any vigorous exercise for 48 hours after treatment. We also recommend you avoid sun bathing and hot and cold extremes for 14 days.


At least 24 hours before treatment we recommend you avoid alcohol and taking medicines such as ibuprofen and aspirin to prevent bruising and bleeding. 

Duration of Results

You can expect the results to last for up to 6 months. This will vary depending on your skin type and condition as well as your diet and lifestyle.

The Benefits of Profhilo Skin Boosters

  • Quick, efficient and effective way to transform your skin for a youthful appearance
  • Little to no downtime needed
  • Skin that is more radiant and less lined
  • Results last up to 6 month

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