Lash & Brow Treatments at True Medispa in Twickenham

Lash & Brow Treatments

Perfectly shaped brows and well-defined eyelashes can enhance the way you look.  Well groomed dark eyebrows frame the face, while darker lashes can make eyes appear younger and brighter. 

We offer brow tinting, shaping, threading and waxing as well as lash tinting at True Medispa Aesthetics Clinic in Twickenham. Our beauty therapists are highly trained and will take time to chat to you and discuss which lash & brow colours will flatter you, and which brow shapes will work best with your facial features. 

Please note:  A patch test is required 24 hours before any lash or brow tint.

What To Expect From Your Lash & Brow Treatment

We offer a variety of lash & brow services which include shaping brows using waxing or threading, and tinting of lashes & brows.  

  • Greater definition of eyes and brows
  • Brow tint lasts up to 6 weeks
  • Lash tint lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Brow regrowth is usually seen after 2-3 weeks
  • A patch test is required 24 hours before any tint

Lash & Brow Treatments - At A Glance

We offer various combinations including our popular brow shaping & tinting and lash & brow tinting.  Brow shaping is available using threading or hot wax. 

Waxing involves carefully applying hot wax onto the hairs and then applying a strip of cloth to the area before swiftly pulling it away and removing the hairs. Threading involves using a piece of twisted cotton which catch the hairs to pull them out. 

Did you know? We also offer microblading, semi-permanent eyeliner, lip blush and lip liner. Find out more about semi-permanent makeup.

Treatment Time

Treatment usually takes around 15-30 minutes.


Brow Shape  from £15.00
 Brow Tint from £13.00
Eyebrow Shape and Tint from £20.00  
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint from £25.00  
Lash & Brow Tint & Brow Shape from £36.00 
Lash Tint from £22.00

Recovery Time

After a threading or waxing treatment, your brows may look a little red. This should subside after an hour or two. 


No aftercare required.


Ideally, arrive without any make-up if having a lash tint. 

Duration of Results

Brow shape usually lasts 2-3 weeks. Lash tints usually lasts around 4 weeks. Brow tints usually last around 6 weeks. 

The Benefits of Lash & Brow Treatments

  • You will have a well groomed appearance
  • No more mono-brow! 
  • Brow tint and lash tint add definition to the area
  • Improvements are seen immediately
  • Results last a few weeks

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