Electrolysis at True Medispa in Twickenham

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Experience the revolutionary electrolysis treatment at True Medispa, your gateway to permanent hair removal.

Our meticulous approach targets each hair follicle individually, using a fine, disposable, and sterile probe.

This method permanently disrupts the follicle's ability to reproduce, ensuring the complete eradication of hair growth upon the conclusion of the treatment course.  Ideal for facial hair.

Please note:  A consultation is required for all new clients to assess unique needs and customise the treatment plan accordingly.

What To Expect From The Treatment

  • Electrolysis treats each hair follicle individually
  • A new, sterile needle is used each time, ensuring a hygienic and effective procedure
  • It destroys the hair follicle’s ability to reproduce, thereby eradicating hair growth on completion of the course of treatments
  • The number of sessions required varies based on individual hair density & growth patterns (between 50 and 500 hairs can be packed into a small area.)

Treatment - At A Glance

Treatment Time

An electrolysis treatment typically lasts between 15-60 minutes depending on which area you are getting treated. During a consultation, we will let you know how long your treatment will likely be.


5 minutes - £22

10 minutes - £32

15 minutes - £38

20 minutes - £45

30 minutes -  £54



Recovery Time

Generally there is some redness and a little localised swelling after. This will disappear in time depending on skin sensitivity and type. The next day your skin will show very little sign of treatment.


You may see some tiny reddish brown pinprick scabs the day after your electrolysis treatment. This is where the treated hairs are distorted or ingrown and it is nothing to worry about. These scabs will drop off naturally within a few days to a week depending on the individual’s healing ability.


If your hair is hard to see, it will be harder to remove so please don't bleach the hair you want removed before your appointment. Avoid applying makeup or deodorants to the areas being treated as they may block the pores. You should stop using retinoids at least 1 week before your appointment.

Duration of Results

Electrolysis is considered a permanent hair removal process. This means that the results will last ongoing after the full course of electrolysis treatments have been completed. Please be sure that you are happy for permanent hair removal before booking your electrolysis appointments.

The Benefits of The Treatment

  • Permanent hair removal for silky smooth skin,
  • Pain-free treatment as clients typically only feel a warming sensation or vibrating sensation,
  • Little downtime needed as treated area should be fully healed up to a week after,
  • Quick and efficient hair removal as treatment times tend to be between 15-60 minutes,
  • Can be used to treat vascular blemishes, milia removal and skin tag removal.

Which Treatment Is Right For Me?

IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal at Twickenham Spa

As well as offering Electrolysis, True Medispa near Richmond offers a complete range of IPL laser treatments, including IPL hair removal, treatment of thread veins, skin discolouration and other conditions.


Waxing Hair Removal at Twickenham Spa

If you're looking for non-permanent hair removal, we also offer waxing. We use two types of wax at True Medispa in Twickenham, Tea Tree for large areas and Hot Lycon for small areas and intimate waxing.


Threading at Twickenham Spa

Threading is another non-permanent hair removal option. This type of hair removal is ideal for the face and involves using a single piece of cotton thread to twist and pull along unwanted areas of hair.

DMK Alkaline Wash

DMK Alkaline Wash at Twickenham Spa

If you’re worried about fine, downy hair on your face or hair that is dark and very evident, this may make it difficult to put makeup on. At True Medispa, we have the best solution for you with DMK Alkaline Wash for hair removal.

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