Lip fillers at True Medispa in Twickenham

Lip Enhancements - Lip Filler

Over time your lips can become thinner and smaller as well as developing fine lines at the edges into which lipstick 'bleeds’.  Injecting small amounts of dermal fillers can enhance the shape and size of the lips, improving definition and fullness.

This lip filler is a treatment that is tailored to suit each individual from a mild natural touch-up to lips with more roundness and volume. 

If you are interested in improving the shape and appearance of your lips, please book a consultation with our Medical Director Dr Elly Amir. 

What To Expect From Lip Fillers

  • Added volume to your lips
  • An improved lip shape 
  • Improved lip symmetry
  • A perfect pout!

Lip Enhancements - At A Glance

Dr-Elly-AmirIf you are interested in improving the shape of your lips, please book a consultation with our Medical Director Dr Elly Amir who is an expert in facial aesthetics.

During your consultation, Dr Amir will chat to you about your beauty goals and discuss the treatment options available.

Once you decide to go ahead, Dr Amir will assess your lips to come up with a plan to give you the shape and level of plumpness you desire. 

The treatment involves injecting small amounts of dermal filler into your lips to make them plumper.  The lips can be quite sensitive so Dr Amir will apply a topical numbing cream to make you as comfortable as possible.

Treatment Time

Treatment usually takes around 30 minutes.


£250 for ½ ml

£350 for 1ml


Recovery Time

You may experience swelling for 24-48 hours after your treatment.  Some clients may experience some soreness as well, which usually disappears within a few hours.


Avoid any heat-inducing activities for 24-48 hours such as strenuous exercise, spas, saunas and hot showers. Avoid pressure on the area for the first 48 hours. Do not wear lipstick or lip balm for 24-48 hours. 


Avoid blood-thinning medications like aspirin or ibuprofen. Minimise alcohol consumption and smoking for a week before your treatment.

Duration of Results

Results usually last for 6-9 months but vary from person to person.

The Benefits of Lip Fillers

  • Quick and effective way to improve thin or uneven lips
  • No downtime
  • Improvements seen immediately
  • Results last for months

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