Treating acne: how to get clearer, smoother skin with NeoStrata skin peels and Dermapen treatments

Neostrata treating acne

March 2016

Anita Lee, 25, a Beauty Therapist at our Medispa, has suffered from acne on the lower part of her face for many years. Acne is a skin condition characterised by red pimples on the skin, especially on the face, due to inflamed or infected sebaceous glands.

As a teenager Anita would have an occasional breakout during her period. But in her 20s the spots increased and before she knew it she was suffering from acne.

Anita told us: “My skin changed after having a child and got out of control. The acne is really knocking back my confidence. I hate going out without any make-up and all I seem to do is look at how bad it’s affecting my face. I’ve always used natural products on my skin but now I think I need to take it to the next level.”

Neostrata treating acne

March 2016

Acne is something we see regularly in our salon and we treat clients of all ages who suffer from this distressing skin concern.

Acne occurs when the oil-producing glands next to hair follicles in the skin produce excess oil (sebum) that block the pores and lead to spots. It can be triggered by a number of factors such as hormonal changes, diet, cosmetics, heredity and so on.

Anita’s acne treatment programme

We first advised Anita to change her home care products to our more active range NeoStrata, using the following:

Clarifying facial cleanser, a soap-free cleanser formulated with polyhydroxy acids (PHA) and triclosan to help clear blemishes.
Sheer hydration moisturiser, a light oil-free hydrator with patented neo-glucosamine clinically proven to help improve texture and firmness.
Oil control lotion, to gently exfoliate, minimise pores and control oiliness.

NeoStrata skin peel

After 1 Skin peel, 20% glycolic acid

Skin peels reveal better skin

Anita was then recommended to start a course of six NeoStrata skin peels . This clinically proven, medical-strength peel refines the pore size and smooths skin texture, while providing a healthy glow and suppleness to the skin. Before a NeoStrata skin peel you need to prep your skin 2 weeks in advance with an ultra-smoothing cream.

We offer four NeoStrata solutions, offering increasing levels of glycolic acid: 20%, 35%, 50% and 75%.

We start all our clients on 20% and increase the glycolic level depending on the client’s skin type, sensitivity and concerns. Treatments take place every 4-6 weeks.

Anita started with 4 treatments of 20% and then 2 treatments of 35%.

As you can see in the picture above, Anita’s skin was already looking much calmer. Breakouts were reduced and her skin looked much smoother and brighter.


4th treatment of Dermapen

Healing the acne scars

Now that Anita’s acne was under control and almost cleared, we recommended that she begin Dermapen sessions to help heal the scars and pigmentation left from the acne.

Anita’s skin looks smoother, clearer and and brighter, and she is very happy with the results. As Dermapen can be used as a rejuvenating treatment Anita now plans to carry on with Dermapen as her monthly facial.

Talk to our acne treatment experts

If you suffer from acne and live or work in the Twickenham, Richmond or Teddington area, book a free acne consultation at True Medispa. We will be pleased to advise you on the different acne treatment options available to you. Call us today on 020 892 7999.