Alkaline Wash

The best way to permanently remove fine, downy hair

If you’re worried about fine, downy hair on your face, which makes it difficult to put on makeup, or is dark and very evident, DMK Alkaline Wash could be the best solution for you.

Whether as a stand-alone or accompanying treatment, our clients have received some fantastic results. We can advise whether this is the most suitable treatment for you during your free, no-obligation hair removal review. Clearer, hair-free skin can be noticed immediately, with more thorough, long-term effects seen following a series of sessions. Best of all it’s completely pain free!

The treatment is suitable for men and women and we have achieved great results when used to get rid of fine female facial hair.

What is DMK Alkaline Wash Hair Removal?

The Danné Montague King Alkaline Wash system is a fantastic treatment designed to reduce fine, downy hair, often found on the face and around other parts of the body. This type of hair is usually very fine and difficult to remove using Electrolysis, laser, or IPL Hair Removal, so the DMK Alkaline Wash is an ideal, pain-free alternative.

Unlike many other hair removal systems, Alkaline Wash can remove large areas of hair in one treatment with absolutely no discomfort. The paste we use literally dissolves part of the underlying hair follicle, causing release of the hair. Immediately after treatment, you are simply left with smooth, hair-free skin.

DMK Alkaline Wash Hair Removal Side Effects

There are no side effects directly associated with this treatment, and DMK Alkaline Wash is totally pain free. Some people may find that the area treated can appear red and warm after the paste is cleared from the skin, but this disappears after a short time.

DMK Alkaline Wash Treatment Price
Consultation & patch test
40 mins
Face - 40 mins£90
Lip - 40 mins£50
Chin - 40 mins£50

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