Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the permanent removal of unwanted facial hairs.

Electrolysis treats each hair follicle individually with a very fine, disposable, sterile probe to permanently destroy the follicle’s ability to reproduce, thereby eradicating hair growth on completion of the course of treatment.

The treatment uses a new, sterile needle each time. A consultation is required for all new clients.

What Causes Unwanted Hair Growth?

Hair growth is the result of heredity and hormone levels. Also, some drugs, temporary methods of hair removal, and illnesses can stimulate hair growth. Electrolysis may be an option when hair growth is in an area of the body where it may not be desired such as on a woman's upper lip or chin.

Advanced Electrolysis

A most effective, invasive and minimal advanced treatment permanently removing a wide variety of blemishes, using a new sterile needle each time.

Vascular blemishes

This includes Thread Veins, Spider Naevus and blood spots. These blemishes can be caused by UV damage, aging, extreme weather exposure and many more factors in our lifestyles.

Milia Removal

These are tiny, white, hard lumps containing keratin which lie superficially under the surface of the skin. Their exact cause is unknown although they are often associated with dry, dehydrated skin.

Skin Tag removal

Skin Tags are growths of epidermal tissue which are very common and most frequently found on areas of friction such as the neck, underarm, groin, and under the breast area. They vary in size from a tiny speck to the size of a pea.

How many Electrolysis treatments do I need?

The number of Electrolysis treatments required will vary from person to person as each client will have a different density of hair growth (e.g. there may be between 50 hairs and 500 hairs packed into a small area of skin tissue, whilst some clients will have less hair which is spaced out).

This means that each treatment course will vary, and therefore no actual figure can be put on the number of treatments required, but you will quickly feel and see a difference giving you the confidence to continue with your treatment course.

Does Electrolysis hurt?

Electrolysis causes a general warming sensation around the area being treated, but the previous method of hair removal, and hair & skin type can cause a variation in this sensation.

What does the skin look like following treatment?

Generally there is some redness and a little localised swelling immediately following electrolysis. This will disappear in time depending on skin sensitivity and type. The next day your skin will show very little sign of treatment, however, you may see tiny reddish brown pinprick scabs,  where hairs are distorted or ingrown. These scabs drop off naturally within a few days to a week depending on the individual’s healing ability.

ElectrolysisSingle TreatmentBUY 5 GET 1 FREE
5 mins£20£100
10 mins£26£130
15 mins£32£160
20 mins£36£180
30 mins£44£220
Advanced Elecrolysis Skin Tag, Thread Veins/Spider Naevus/Blood spots and Milia 15 mins£70£350
Additional Skin Tags (up to 30 minutes) £120-