Laser Hair Removal

IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Twickenham

As well as offering waxing and electrolysis, True Medispa in Twickenham near Richmond offers a complete range of IPL laser treatments, including IPL hair removal, treatment of thread veins, skin discolouration and other conditions. Read more about IPL Laser Hair Removal.

Discover IPL laser hair removal treatment

• no mess
• no fuss
• no downtime
• incredible results
• gentler on skin

21st Century IPL Laser Hair Removal

Zeolight is the 21st century IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) system, the revolutionary laser treatment that’s clinically proven to offer you more effective, virtually pain-free, quicker and longer lasting results.

True Medispa Twickenham, near Richmond, is a leading London laser treatment salon and our IPL treatments are proving extremely popular. Whether you choose IPL laser hair removal, permanent hair reduction or our IPL treatments for prematurely aged or discoloured skin, treatments are virtually pain free and leave your skin feeling comfortable. See some of our case studies here>

Great results for these conditions

True Medispa recommends IPL laser hair removal treatments for a wide
variety of conditions including:

  • hair removal
  • rosacea
  • fine lines, crows feet and loss of elasticity
  • facial thread and spider veins
  • pigmented lesions
  • sun damaged skin
  • vascular lesions

Treatment Details

How IPL laser hair removal treatment works

IPL laser uses energy from a light source, which is taken up by the pigments in the skin, hair or blood vessels, depending on the treatment. Unlike electrolysis, IPL hair removal treatments are non-invasive with no down-time or after effects and are relatively pain-free with some clients experiencing only a slight tingly sensation. Unlike standard IPL, Zeolight uses a novel pulse system that ensures absolutely distinct pulses with the ability to provide a number of separate sequences of light within what appears to be a single flash. This means more energy can be delivered to the skin with less chance of skin damage.

IPL hair removal and permanent hair reduction

IPL hair removal quickly and efficiently eliminates hair from all parts of the body including bikini line, under arms and face, and is suitable for virtually all hair and skin types. The hair is removed by using the light to generate heat in the melanin in the hair, which is transferred to the hair follicle (root) to destroy it.

Skin rejuvenation – collagen stimulation

This uses a series of IPL laser treatments to help remove sun damage, stimulating new cell growth and increasing collagen production. Typically each photo rejuvenation treatment will reduce the skin’s age by 1-2 years per session so a course of 6 can reduce it by 10 years. Results are cumulative, with no down-time or after effects, so you could have a one-off treatment to freshen your skin for an important event or, 6 sessions could give you a visual reduction of up to 10 years in your skin’s tone and texture.

IPL laser treatment for broken facial veins and rosacea (redness)

With this IPL laser hair removal treatment the light is absorbed into the targeted blood vessels causing them to break down. There is little or no downtime, making this the perfect treatment to have in your lunch hour! Typically 3-4 sessions are required and you may need a ‘top up’ treatment from time to time.

IPL for age spots and freckles

If you have patches of pigment that are darker than the surrounding skin, they can be treated without affecting the rest of your skin colour with IPL. The light is absorbed into these patches and the melancytes that cause the discolouration break up and disperse over a period of time.

IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment Price
Consultation and Patch Test FREE
Upper LipFrom £55
ChinFrom £60
FaceFrom £150
NeckFrom £85
Under ArmFrom £80
BikiniFrom £80
ThongFrom £120
BrazilianFrom £160
HollywoodFrom £200
Full ArmsFrom £150
NipplesFrom £60
ChestFrom £200
StomachFrom £150
Navel LineFrom £55
Half LegsFrom £200
Full LegsFrom £350
Upper LegFrom £250
ButtocksFrom £100
Hands/FeetFrom £55
BackFrom £200
Skin RejuvenationFrom £100
Vein RemovalFrom £75

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