Say Goodbye To ‘Peach Fuzz’ This Summer

How To Remove Peach Fuzz at True Medispa Aesthetics Clinic in Twickenham 

Fed up of pesky 'peach fuzz'?! We’ve got the perfect treatment at our award-winning aesthetics clinic in Twickenham. Our DMK Alkaline Wash is a revolutionary treatment that helps remove fine and downy hair on your face and body.

It’s completely pain-free, with no blades involved and impossible for the hair to grow back thicker. It also helps improve skin texture and colour! If you have areas of downy hair that laser or electrolysis can’t remove - this is your answer! Prices start from £50.

What is an Alkaline Wash?

DMK-Alkaline-WashAn Alkaline Wash is a permanent form of hair removal for fine, downy hair! The wash is an alkaline powder, which is mixed into a paste and applied to the skin for no longer than 4 minutes. The treatment works by taking the hair to a high alkaline level. This will dissolve the hair, part of the underlying follicle and is completely painless.

After the first treatment, the hair may grow back at its normal rate, but as treatments progress the re-growth rate will become slower which results in permanent hair loss over a period of time.

Our clients absolutely love this treatment and are always super pleased with the results compared to their previous Dermaplanning treatments. Do you have any questions about our DMK Alkaline Wash treatment? Get in touch by calling us on 020 8892 7999 or sending an email to

Book a 30 Minute Skin Consultation at Twickenham's Favourite Aesthetics Clinic

At True Medispa, whether you are a new or an existing client, when you come to us to discuss what facial treatment is best for you, we advise that first you have a skin consultation at our Twickenham Aesthetics Clinic. This is a 30 minute in depth consultation with one of our highly trained skin specialists and is just £30. This cost is redeemable against any home care skin products purchased in salon.

This skin consultation is an opportunity for you to tell us about your skin concerns and for our skin specialist, to assess your skin to help identify underlying skin problems. We really do want to help you to reveal radiant skin this winter - so please book in for a skin consultation by calling us on 020 8892 7999.  We are happy to help.